In my hands, you can feel secure in knowing that I can realistically recreate fine eyebrow hair, or help lighten a scar, or recreate one or both nipples lost to surgery. And I promise that you won't see anything pink here 🙂



After working in the entertainment industry as a celebrity Makeup artist for 35 years, I had pretty much completed my "bucket list" of things I would do as a makeup artist...

Don't get me wrong- I loved doing makeup, but I was looking for a way to help people on a deeper level.

After discovering that many women needed help with eyebrow and lash loss after chemo, or a realistic areola tattoo after undergoing mastectomy, and  I knew in my heart that was what I was meant to do!

So I went back to school, got my tattoo licenses, certifications in Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Areola Tattoo, Reiki, OSHA and Blood Bourne Pathogens.

I was ready to "change the face of cancer",  one face at a time and one heart at a time with my new skills.

Then one day while researching I came across The Male Breast Cancer Coalition.

Men get breast cancer??


I sat there not believing what I was seeing.

Googling breast cancer brings up images of pink ribbons, women with headscarves and relay races - nobody ever said anything about men!

I sat there staring at a picture of Bret- who at 17 found a lump in his breast and was told for the next 5 years not to worry.

I read his story and was blown away.  I sent a message to him telling him how much his story touched me and if he thought men might be interested in having restorative tattoo.

Almost immediately I heard back from Peggy- his mom and we spoke on the phone for over an hour!

Peggy is the heart and soul of The Male Breast Cancer Coalition- and each and every person that contacts her instantly becomes part of her family.  She is an incredible woman- and I am sure everybody else there is just as incredible because I truly believe the heart of an organization starts at the top.

Peggy and Bret are the reasons I decided to create The Blue Warrior.

I'm here if you need me- just a text or phone call away 🙂