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Wait Whaat?

I honestly couldn't believe it when I first read that men get breast cancer too.
Why have we not heard about it?
I soon realized that finding info on Male Breast cancer is something you have to actually look for, and unfortunately those looking for it either have just been diagnosed or have a loved one who has.

What I Did

I created this website to make it easier for men to restore without getting lost on the internet searching for services designed for their needs. I  realized that that they might not even realize that these services are available. I could help men with the same restorative tattoo services as women, without them getting  lost in a sea of pink.

I found it hard to visualize a man walking into a tattoo shop asking for a nipple tattoo, or going to a salon to get microbladed and ending up with glam eyebrows.

How I Can Help

I created a group of Hyper Realistic Tattoo Services focused on men to help  restore what chemo and surgery took away.

Worked over the scar area to recreate or match the look of your nipple-areolar complex.

Tiny hair strokes of pigment mimic natural brow hair to fill in sparse brows or even create the illusion of brows where there is no hair at all.

Scars can be made to appear less prominent with this interesting tattoo technique

Next Steps...

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